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A community working towards a tobacco-free Texas.

We provide evidence based research and strategies to decrease nicotine and tobacco use in Texas.

Who We Are

The goals of the Tobacco Research and Evaluation Team at The University of Texas at Austin are to conduct research on youth and young adult tobacco use, and develop effective tobacco prevention programs and intervention tools that are easily accessible for various populations. The team is involved in three broad categories of initiatives on tobacco prevention and control: Research, Community Coalition and College Initiatives, and Healthcare Systems Change Initiatives.


CVS Stores Stop Selling All Tobacco Products

On September 3, 2014 CVS Caremark fulfilled a pledge to stop selling tobacco product as part of a strategic move to rebrand itself as CVS Health. The decision to focus on health could prove lucrative for the drugstore as it seeks to appeal to medical partners that can help it bridge the gap between customers and their doctors.

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In New Calculus on Smoking, It’s Health Gained vs. Pleasure Lost

A little-known cost-benefit calculation embedded in the new FDA regulation proposal assumes that the benefits from reducing smoking have to be discounted by 70 percent to offset the loss in pleasure given up by former smokers. If the calculation remains unchanged, it could set a dangerous public policy precedent for years to come, experts and advocates warned.

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Yes Quit

The Texas Quitline offers online and telephone counseling service supported by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The Quitline provides counseling 24/7 in English and Spanish and many other languages via a translation service.

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